Donald Rubin gives each of his customers the individual attention they need when it comes to choosing the correct matting and framing options for his clients. His goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your choices. Below are pieces framed in different style frames to demonstrate the variety of choices and looks you can receive.

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This is a painting on canvas that has been stretched for framing. The left two shows a black wood frame. The right two shows the same painting with a canvas liner with a textured black frame.

The example below demonstrates how a signed print can be framed in two completely different looking frames depending on one’s tastes and decor. The left images show a gold etched frame with a double mat, the bottom mat having a 1/2″ reveal. The right images show the same print in a more decorative colored frame, with gold accents, and a double mat. The gold inner mat ties in nicely with the gold in the frame and in the print.

This pen and ink drawing is elegantly displayed with a double black mat. The top mat is a 1/4″ thick mat which allows the bevel to be deeper and therefore standout more. The example on the left shows a simple and modern black wood frame. The example on the right shows a black frame with a beaded inner edge.

This print is shown with a double mat in silver leafed wood frames. The example on the left is a squared off frame with a beaded fillet added to the inside edge to dress it up. The example on the right is a slightly wider frame that has a raised out edge. The combination of the raised outer edge with the inner silver beaded fillet adds extra depth to this framing solution.

Vintage posters are quite popular and the below examples show how unique frames help bring out the details in the posters. The framing on the left shows a wide black frame with a thriree dimentional texture. While the color of the frame brings out the black in the poster, the texture of the frame mimics the texture and the style of the poster.

The example on the right also has a textured frame. This time the coloring gives the texture. This frame was chosen because of how the coloring compliments the textural color in the poster itself. This piece also has a double mat and a gold decorative fillet that is placed in between the two mats.

The two examples below demonstrate how different ways of framing can bring out the details of a piece. The example on the left, shows very detailed carved dark gold frame. The irregular edge of the frame and the detail of the; carving accentuates the hand dranw quality within the art. This piece also shows triple matting, with a colored mat in between the outer and inner white mats to help bring out the color in the art.

The art on the right is framed in a more simple style with a silver leafed wood frame. The fine quality of the paper with the deckled edge is left revealed while the art is floating on the bottom mat. This hand crafted quality of the paper accents the art which is also very light and soft and has an original feel.